About us!

Service and hospitality are important to us. We want you to feel at home with us, to relax and enjoy life - whether with a good glass of wine, an active weekend or a pleasant meal. 
By we I mean: Olaf Thomann, director of the house, and his team - consisting of 30 employees, most of them also from the Ore Mountains.

What do guests say about us?

"The location is fantastic, in the middle of the hills. We had a beautiful, large room and nice bathroom and all very clean!"
Agaath, July 2019 via Booking.com

"One of the best hotels in the region. Especially the new rooms are very nice. Good restaurant and friendly people."
Martijn, October 2020 via Google 

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What do guests say about us? What do guests say about us?

What has been renewed in recent years?

Construction of a winter garden and enlargement of storage space for kitchen, service and laundry. Hall Saxony gets a door to the outside and a large balcony 

Energy efficiency - cooling systems, cascade heating, ventilation - important details for energy savings. 

Installation of a new kitchen block, modernization of rooms 201-207, new playground with elements of natural wood and a 30 m zip line. 

Modernization of further rooms 301-307, as well as reconstruction and modernization of the hall "Waldblick" and the wellness area.

Modernization of further rooms 101-107 with expansion of the terraces for these rooms. 

Modernization and conversion of rooms in the old building, including into family rooms.
Complete redesign and refurbishment of the entrance to the hotel, including the reception area, restaurant, seminar rooms and outdoor area with beer garden

Modernisation of rooms 209-215 and 309-315
All 50 rooms are now completely remodelled and refurbished

What has been renewed in recent years?
What has been renewed in recent years?

A bit of history...

Excerpt from the diary of teacher Fritzsch.

I and my wife, who was not a teacher but a secretary in the chamber of commerce in Sayda, went to the Kreuztanne with the students in October 1948 and took over the "Kreuztanne". Thus, the Fritsch group could already spend a four-week stay in the Kreuztanne from October 16 to November 13, 1948. There was a "jubilant mood without limits" in the class, so they looked forward to the trip. The teachers were also happy that the children, scarred by the war, could for once see something other than ruins, dirt and dust. Full of expectations, 32 children packed with suitcases drove to "Paradise Kreuztanne".

Cheerful singing dominated the bus ride. The first day ended with the opening ceremony and at the end with singing and "Ade zur Guten Nacht". The schedule for the next day was largely determined by the teachers. Waking up in the morning and subsequent early morning sports practice were as natural as the children's freedom to play soccer or table tennis.

Words from the diary of Siegfried Döhler, then a pupil of teacher Fritzsch... 

The origins of the Kreuztanne go back nearly 200 years

The origins of the Kreuztanne go back nearly 200 years

Basically, the "Kreuztanne" owes its origins to the establishment of a public postal service in the first years of the 19th century. Railroads did not yet exist at that time. Those who wanted to travel used the stagecoach, which stopped at certain stops (Gasthaus zur Post). The route for our villages ran from Annaberg to Freiberg or Dresden. In order that passengers from Friedebach and Cämmerswalde could also board the coach, a stopping point was built between the two towns. To prevent catching a cold or getting wet in bad weather, a hut was built at the crossroads between the two towns, which was given the name "Kreuztanne". It was opened on July 1, 1824.